Advice 1: How to remove the smell of pork

Many of us have probably had this situation: you buy the pork, bring home, and it smells pretty. It would seem that the problem is unsolvable and the meat remains only to give to the dogs. But no - there are a couple of tricks that will help this smell off me.
How to remove the smell of pork
Liberally RUB the meat baking soda, soak for 10 minutes and extinguish vinegar. Rinse the meat under running water, place in a saucepan and boil several times, changing water regularly.
Smear the meat with mustard, wrap a cloth and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning pull it out, rinse under running water and dry.
Steep the meat in clear cold water, changing the water two or three times a day, as long as the water stays completely clean.
Sprinkle the meat with fresh juice of lemon or lime. In many citrus essential oils.
When cooking meat, sprinkle it with spices fragrant type of Basil, coriander, grated nutmeg, onions, garlic, etc. They conceal unpleasant odors.
Prokaryote meat. There are numerous recipes marinades for meat. Here is the easiest: mix one litre of water, tablespoon of vinegar, teaspoon of salt, pepper and Bay leaf. After the meat marinated, put it on the stove, boil and cool.
Soak the meat in milk or buttermilk for a few hours. Not only the unpleasant smell will disappear, and meat will become more tender.
Freeze the meat. Put the meat in the freezer, freeze and store it there for a few days. Then take it out, defrost and cook.
Prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. Dissolve a pinch of potassium permanganate per liter of water and soak the meat in it.
Useful advice
To determine what kind of meat you take (castrated or non-castrated boar), bring to market a lighter or matches. When buying goods, ask the seller to cut off a small piece of meat and set fire to him. If you feel the smell of roast meat, all good and fresh meat. If you felt a sharp smell of urine, the meat is better not to take. Good buy!

Advice 2: How to repel the smell of meat

Some varieties of meat have their own specific smell. Smell could be lamb, goat, game meat – elk, deer, etc. But it does not mean that such meat is not necessary to use in cooking. It's enough to keep it in the marinade, and the meat will not only get rid of the smelland, but will become much softer and softer.
Sometimes even good meat needs no marinade
You will need
  • meat, spices, garlic, onion, lemon and pomegranate juice, red wine, soy sauce, salt, sugar, knife, cutting Board, bowl.
Make a marinade to fight off the characteristic smell of lamb or kid. 1 kg of meat take 300 ml of pomegranate juice or 75 ml of sauce Narsharab, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tsp of coriander seeds and a little salt. If using pomegranate juice, boil down it to simmer to obtain a somewhat viscous consistency. Crush the garlic and the coriander is not too finely mash. Mix all the ingredients and pour the marinade meat. Put it down for a couple of hours in a cool place – from the smelland will not be over.
Make the marinade for elk. It is essential meat is rich in minerals, but unfortunately, pretty tough, besides, it has a specific smellohms. Due to these qualities, a marinade is a salvation. In a saucepan in 1 tbsp. butter fry 70 g shallot and a few buds of clove. Pour 0.75 l of semi-dry red wine, turn up the heat and let the liquid evaporate about half. Add salt, pepper, let cool, pour this marinade the meat, to rid it characteristic smell.
Nutria meat marinate in a fragrant tomato salsa – get a dish, very popular in Latin America. 1 kg of carcass, take 500 grams of tomatoes, which previously clear skin, 30 g Basil leaves 10 g fresh oregano 30 ml lime juice, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 hot chili pepper, without seeds and 40 ml of olive oil. Combine all ingredients in a blender to form a mass with a fairly rough texture. Now spread it meat that needs to be padded to the scentand leave to marinate for about 1-1.5 hours.
Prepare the ingredients for the marinade-teriyaki, to repel the smell of pork or beef. Despite the fact that these types of meat rarely special smell, the pickle in the South-Eastern cuisine is widespread. You will need a mix of ready-made sauces, consisting of 150 ml of soybean, 30 ml, oyster ml and 10 fish. They boil down to simmer until about half of the initial volume. In the hot liquid dissolve 15 g of sugar, add the chopped herb of lemongrass and a bit of grated ginger. Coat pieces of meat marinade-teriyaki and leave on for 15-20 min.
Preparing a marinade for meat, it is important not to overdo it with the ingredients. Otherwise, harmonious taste of the finished dish is not achieved.
Useful advice
Sometimes the smell of meat gives the dish a certain piquancy and to recapture is not necessary.
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