You will need
  • meat;
  • - vinegar.
Marinating meat with it smartstitch as vinegar is an acid, it destroys the muscle fibers. If you leave the meat in acid for the long term, you risk getting too powdery and friable product. By marinating, you allow the additional ingredients to penetrate deeper into the meat, so to give them more flavor and aroma. When marinating meat it is important to choose vinegar desired acidity, flavor and necessary to properly adjust the exposure time of the product in acidic medium.
Choose vinegar depending on what flavor you want to achieve. Apple, cider and balsamic vinegar gives the meat sweetness. Wine can taste bitter, white rice and synthetic vinegar – the neutral, black rice vinegar has a light, but strong wood shade. The acidity of the vinegar should not exceed 9%, but divorced more than 3% vinegar loses all effectiveness.
Mix the marinade and marinate the meat in a non-reactive closed container. That is, in any case do not use aluminium or cast iron containers, it is best to avoid metal containers. Ideal – plastic. Effectively to marinate the meat even in ordinary zip-package.
The time required to marinate medium pieces of meat, no more than 4 hours. Don't marinate in the vinegar for fresh meat of domestic animals, for them is quite suitable citrus, wine, fruit marinades or flavored brine.
Marinating dicedice soaked in brine with vinegar for at least 72 hours before cooking. For marinating choose the same container as normal meat.
Every 8-10 hours, should change the brine for fresh. Old pickle will be painted leaving the game with blood, and with it the meat will come out a specific "odor". When the brine will become only slightly pink, you can stop soaking the meat and marinate it.
Prepare a marinade of salt, vinegar and spices in accordance with your chosen recipe, marinate the poultry 12 to 24 hours and begin to cook.
Storing meat in vinegarIn vinegar already stored cooked meat. You can pre-fry it or cook in water with acid. If you're cooking meat in vinegar, it is not necessary to drain the broth, and you should leave the meat to cool directly in the same water.
When storing meat in the vinegar it is necessary to cut off from it all the fat to avoid later unpleasant rancid taste.
Keep the meat in 5% vinegar in sealed glass jars in a cool dark place up to 1 month.