Hair removal cream

The sale includes various creams for hair removal. Their advantages include: the possibility of use in the home, ease of application, painlessness. However, this fairly accessible means there are drawbacks: most creams has a sharp odor, hair is removed only over the surface of the skin, so the procedure must be repeated every few days.
Wax or sugar hair removal

Removal of unwanted hair on the face by hot wax or sugar paste in seconds. The master in the salon to prepare the skin, apply and abruptly take it off along with the hair follicles. The effectiveness of this method is obvious: at 2-4 weeks you will forget about conjoined eyebrows. And with regular repetition of the procedure, the hair does stop growing. Between the two ways there are slight differences: sugar is more expensive than wax, but less painful, in addition, it "takes" shorter hairs.

In beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine there is such a service as electrolysis – removal of unwanted hair under the influence of the current. This procedure is at a sufficiently high level of pain provides long lasting (3-5 weeks) and complete deliverance from the vegetation after the course of treatments. This service is billed by the minute, so that a small area between the eyebrows shouldn't take a lot of money.
Laser and photoepilation

At a high enough budget, try the modern types of hair removal under the influence of directional beams. Flash destroy itself the hair follicles, so in just a few treatments you will get rid of unibrows forever.