To make eyebrows obedient will not only cosmetics, but also proper care. But first we need to understand why the hairs stick out in different directions.

Hard or soft?

Eyebrow styling is an individual matter. Someone needs it, and some don't. It all depends on the condition of the vegetation over the centuries. Often, too long soft hairs slipping away from the wind, under the influence of waves or after sleep. There is a perception that they need to trim nail scissors.

This is an extremely controversial practice, because after the haircut, the hairs will become more docile and will only shorter. In addition, they can be tougher, and then lay protruding eyebrows will be doubly difficult.

What to do with a soft but unruly eyebrows

If you are endowed not too thick eyebrows that are constantly sticking out in different directions, you should use special tools. For example, gel or wax for styling hairs above the eyelids.

Styling eyebrows begins with their purification liquid make-up remover. Then take an old brush of mascara, a little to moisturize it and comb your eyebrows against the grain. This will not only make hair more manageable, but will also enhance their growth.

Now you want to comb through the vegetation in the direction of growth, having put the hairs up a bit. The next step is applying the gel or wax for styling.

Should be applied to the conventional brush gel/wax for hair or spray it with lacquer. Lightly smoothing her eyebrows, directing the hairs to the right place.

Styling eyebrows can make your own from beeswax and coconut oil, giving it a color using activated carbon. This product copes with protruding hairs, making them softer, more manageable and stronger.

How to cope with stiff hairs

If the hairs are too stiff and constantly bristling, so they grow properly. This may be the consequence of aggressive plucking or injury of the eyebrows.

To make eyebrows obedient help folk remedies and simple treatments. For the comprehensive care of vegetation over the centuries, you can use vegetable oil, liquid vitamins, juice plants, fruit and vegetables, as well as massage.

Daily at night is to apply a warm compress of burdock, almond, peach or olive oil mixed with a few drops of retinol (vitamin A). To combine the procedure with a massage that is performed with a soft toothbrush. A regular care of eyebrows will make them smooth and shiny.