You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • mirror;
  • - rich cream for face;
  • - cosmetic discs;
  • the ice - cubes.
Prepare yourself for the procedure of plucking eyebrows. Get a mirror on a stand and put in front of you, so your hands will be free. Eyebrow grazing exclusively in good light (or in front of a window or next to a fluorescent light), otherwise you can leave the excess hairs. Disinfect your hands, the tweezers and the skin around the eyebrows. Determine the eyebrow shape that suits you.
In the critical days women's susceptibility to pain increases significantly, so better to wait for the opportune moment (when menstruation ends). After plucking, the skin becomes red and swells slightly, so it's best to start this procedure in the evening. During the night the skin is completely restored.
Take a rich cream for the face and thoroughly soak the eyebrows and the area around them. The hairs and soften the skin, significantly reduces pain. To achieve the best result, seize every hair closer to the root and pull out a sharp movement. Be careful that the tweezers has captured only one hair.
Before plucking eyebrows make a warm compress. To do this, take cosmetic discs or gauze and soak in hot water, squeeze lightly and apply on the eyebrows and leave for a few minutes. A warm compress to steam your eyebrows, and the hairs will lasipalatsi much easier. Grazing eyebrows after a bath or go to sauna. At this time, the pores are enlarged, and the procedure becomes less painful.
The following method of plucking eyebrows the exact opposite of the previous one. Take from the freezer the ice cubes (this may be normal frozen water or soothing herbal teas, which will reduce the pain and the beauty after the procedure), adjust the eyebrows and the skin around them. Then you can safely get tweezers, discomfort, of course, will remain, but the severe pain you feel.