Do not remove hairs with tweezers during menstruation. Scientists have found that in the critical days your sensitivity to pain increases sharply, this means that plucking eyebrows will become even more unpleasant than usual.
Possibly adjust your eyebrows after showering or bathing. There is another option – how should I warm up the leather with a wet hot towel. Some beauticians believe that due to expansion of the pores plucking eyebrows after these procedures, it becomes much less painful.
Try to cool the skin with ice cubes. Sometimes this procedure significantly reduces pain. Remember: this method is not for everyone, so if plucking eyebrows then wipe the skin with ice was no less unpleasant, do not repeat this procedure in the future.
Gently Polish the skin near eyebrow anesthetic solution, which includes benzocaine. Then wait 5-7 minutes and try to remove excess hairs. Be careful not to spill any solution in the eye!
Try every time before pulling out of hair to pull the skin – this will reduce pain. Pluck eyebrows only hair growth, to prevent the occurrence of sores.
If in the process of removing excess hair you noticed that the skin acted as a drop of blood, immediately clean the wound with a disinfectant solution. Otherwise, you will long to feel slight aching pain.
Grease the eyebrows with a nourishing cream for the face and wait 7-10 minutes. Usually during this time the cream is absorbed into the skin and tweeze eyebrows becomes easier. Pain after such a procedure also decrease.
Prepare a soothing herbal decoction, then soak in it a cotton swab and apply to the skin near the eyebrows. It is recommended to do this before you remove the excess hair and after. As for the recipe of the broth, then pick it should be on an individual basis. You can use chamomile, Linden flowers, etc.