Advice 1: Why Muslim women are not to pluck eyebrows

Following the laws of the Koran requires the fulfilment of certain rules relating to appearance. This also applies to the plucking of the eyebrows in women. However, the laws of Islam are not as harsh as it may seem.
Why Muslim women are not to pluck eyebrows

Why not to pluck eyebrows

According to the Quran, to change its appearance - it's a sin. Not allowed to make any changes to the exterior, if it is not dictated by medical necessity. Visibily eyebrow, the woman changes their shape and, respectively, makes changes in appearance. Also the wrong person to ask about this procedure someone else or to pluck someone's eyebrows. Thus, fall under the ban and salon treatments, and work in a beauty salon associated with the correction of eyebrows. However, this prohibition is not as stringent as it seems. For example, you can tweeze too coarse and hard hairkey growing separately, top or bottom without changing the basic shape of the eyebrows. You can also remove the hair on the bridge of his nose, giving the eyebrows fused form, as the bridge does not belong to the eyebrows.
According to the Koran, a woman can beautify herself, but so that it does not go beyond modesty.

Is it possible to remove the hair

According to the Koran, there is nothing wrong with that, the woman removes hair on legs, underarms, pubic hair, around my nipples, on my chin. If the husband allows her to shave the hair in these places, sin is not here. According to the Qur'an men and women need to remove hair around the places where they grow in abundance. To fire - the ideal man - is the trimming a mustache, letting go of the beard, brushing the teeth, rinsing the nose, clipping the nails and, besides all this, plucking hair under the armpits and cutting of pubic hair. Thus, removal of excess hair is not only prohibited, but is desirable.
To follow their appearance is the responsibility of Muslim women. It should always look clean, neat and smelling nice.

What are the procedures allowed Muslim women

In fact, the rules of the Koran are not as strict as it may seem. For example, Muslim women can sunbathe, but only if no one sees. You can use the Solarium or go to the country with her husband. Also Muslim women can do a haircut or Perm hair, dye hair, but not black. The perfect colors are considered natural henna and Basma. Malocclusion and implant dental implants are also not a sin. Muslim women can even lightly draw the eyes, if you do not change their form, but should use only antimony. However, a more significant transformation of the exterior are prohibited. This includes the hair extensions, lip augmentation and chest tattoos, as well as work in this area. Replacement tattoos Muslims are the patterns of henna - mehndi. They are applied on the hands and feet or all over the body. These drawings are washed away in 1-2 weeks, so not equal to the change in appearance.

Advice 2: How to make correction of eyebrows man

Eyebrow shaping – is a painstaking job, requiring special attention. To create a beautiful and accurate arc of the eyebrows and to follow them not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex.
How to make correction of eyebrows man

Why you need eyebrow threading men?

In order to look in the eyes of others the successful, modern man must not only have the determination, confidence and wit, but also a presentable appearance.
Ignoring the eyebrows, a man can look unkempt and untidy.

To achieve solid form it is possible not only because of the expensive suit, but with the help of putting in order his face, hands, hair, body. The face is the first thing that people pay attention to. It should be well maintained. Equally important expressive eyes. The most spectacular look at the man with thick and neat eyebrows are the right shape.

Note that proper execution of the brows in men should not be evident. They should not attract the attention of others and to suppress other facial features. The purpose of this correction is to emphasize the brutality, masculinity and other characteristics of their owner.

That should be considered when correction of eyebrows in men?

So, how all the same correctly to make a correction of eyebrows to the man and what you should pay most attention? First, he should decide that he is not satisfied in the shape of their eyebrows and how to correct visible defects. This will depend on what tools you will need to use.
For more effective result you should use an electric trimmer. Thanks to this tool, the shape of the eyebrows will look natural and neat.

Tweeze eyebrows should be starting from the bottom. If you find it difficult to compare by eye the shape of arcs of eyebrows between them and you are worried that after the correction they are not the same, pre-buy special stencils for eyebrows. They can be purchased in any cosmetic Department.

Men on the note: if you have eyebrows the right shape, but too thick, or fused, you can use tweezers for the eyebrows. If eyebrows are "bushy" and the unruly hairs will not form proper arcs of eyebrows, in this case, the correction will need a small scissors to trim the protruding hairs.
Procedure of correction of eyebrows is best done under sufficiently bright light and in front of a magnifying mirror.

In addition, successful correction of the eyebrows you can use a warm wax. It can be purchased in a beauty salon. To remove excess hair from the area brownii arcs gently apply the wax part on the problem areas. After some time push it to the paper strip and tear them sharply together with the wax and excess hair.

Advice 3: Is it possible to paint the eyebrows regular hair dye

Bright beautiful eyebrows are nature is not to every woman, so women have to resort to their embellishment. Some girls are interested in whether, for these purposes, conventional hair dye and, if so, how to use it.
Is it possible to paint the eyebrows regular hair dye

Than to paint the eyebrows

Women often like to tint the hair and simultaneously use this same paint to paint the eyebrows, wanting to obtain a natural and harmonious tone. However, this is categorically not because of the hair dye contain strong substances that can cause irritation to the delicate skin of the face. In addition, the eyebrow hairs differ from hair more thin and fragile structure, so staining is necessary to use a less aggressive dyes.

Do not buy for eyebrows cheap special paint, since its composition may contain harmful chemicals.

Usually paint for eyebrows is black and brown. If desired, one can find other shades, but these two basic colors are enough to obtain the natural look of the eyebrows or eyelashes. Black paint is more suitable for brunettes, whereas brown shade perfect for blondes. To achieve the desired colors by adjusting the exposure time of the paint on the eyebrows to shade was richer, or Vice versa, lighter.

How to paint eyebrows

In the packaging of paint for eyebrows are the bags with the dye and the oxidant, which you need to squeeze in a plastic or ceramic Cup (the iron cannot be used) and stir thoroughly to a uniform consistency. The area around the eyebrows before applying it is necessary to grease fat cream, and then paint in a small amount can be applied to eyebrows with a cotton swab or special brush.

When applying the paint on the eyebrows need to be carefully monitored so that it does not get into the eyes, draining the treated sites.

The exposure time of the paint on the eyebrows should be from 5 to 25 minutes depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Then paint to gently wash with warm water and remove residue using fatty cream or soap. Remember that the eyebrows before painting it is impossible to pluck, and it is desirable to conduct an Allergy test by dropping a bit of paint onto the crease of the elbow. If the Allergy is still found, do not worry – brows can be easily and safely tint proof cosmetic pencil will not harm the hairs. The procedure for eyebrows can be quickly and accurately performed in any salon of professional cosmetologists, turning subtle and imperceptible eyebrows into a work of art only half an hour.
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