You will need
  • mirror
Look closely at yourself in the mirror. You are a representative Negroid (Australian-Negroid) race, if you have the following symptoms: dark (dark brown, black, yellow or chocolate brown) skin with poorly developed hairs on the body and face; full fleshy lips, as if a little twisted; wavy or curly often the hard dark hair; dark (brown / black) eyes; a rather narrow face with a slightly pronounced cheekbones; high (often) height; broad, large nose, rather flat.
You are Caucasian (representative of European, Euro-Asian race) if you have: light or dark skin; soft straight or wavy brown hair shades; a strong hairline on the body (in men); bright eyes (gray, blue-gray, green, blue and so on); narrow nose; thin lips often; a pronounced chin; high or medium growth.
If you are a Mongoloid (the representative of the Asian-American, Mongoloid race), that your appearance probably has a number of characteristic features. Such as: dark or light skin with a yellowish, yellowish-brown tint; hard black straight hair, narrow slanted eyes, flat broad face with very pronounced cheek-bones; flat broad nose; medium-sized lips; mild hair; medium or small stature.