You will need
  • - disinfectant,
  • - salt,
  • - garlic,
  • - powdered sugar,
  • - borax,
  • - millet,
  • - Bay leaves or lemon
  • is nutmeg.
Even if you have in the cupboards by the order in the flour and cereals can still live bugs. They can easily be put in the house with already infected grains. The first thing you need to extract all packages and containers of cereal and carefully examine. Upon detection of insect infested flour or groats is immediately thrown away. Many are trying to save their stocks, procalis them in a pan or sift through a sieve. This is not an option, because the small larvae pass through the sieve and remain in the flour, where in the future start to develop. In addition, there is the possibility of Contracting a nasty infection, so do not feel sorry for them – feel free to throw.
Pour in a bowl of hot water and thoroughly wash all cabinets with the use of vinegar, Domestos or other disinfectant. Repeat this procedure several times, so you will be able to destroy all insects. Uninfected flour and other cereals pour in a new compact package and remove for a couple of weeks in a cool place – a fridge or a balcony. After this time, open the bags and make sure no flour bugs. Now you can pour the flour into another, more robust container with a lid.
If you keep the flour cloth bags, it does not hurt them to chew through the cloth and get into a favorite treat. But if you have a bag pre-treated with a strong solution of common salt, it will be available for voracious beetles. Insect repellent put it in a bag of flour, several cloves of peeled garlic, and cereals in small bags of salt.
For weevil and other pests of cereal products, prepare the following mixture: take and mix equal proportions of powdered sugar and borax and powdered in a coffee grinder millet. Roll the mixture into small balls and place in every corner in the cafeteria. Should take into account that insects will not die immediately, so make this dressing several times.
To prevent flour weevils lay in a cupboard for cereals, Bay leaves or slices of lemon, their pungent smell will help to deter these malicious insects. Also help band-aid or adhesive tape with double side adhesive glued on the inner side of the Cabinet to which you want to pour nutmeg.