You will need
  • - Glass jars with lids,
  • - disinfectant,
  • - Bay leaf,
  • - garlic,
  • is nutmeg.
Go through all the bags of contaminated cereals in the kitchen cupboard and even if the bugs not so much, still have to throw it away. Sift the flour and view unopened packages, as they can go places. Check out the brew and dry breadcrumbs, in General, all bread and cereal products. Flour is a favorite treat, so it is best to throw it away, even if she sieved, the eggs of bugs still remain.
Empty all cabinets from cereals and flour, and thoroughly wash with hot water domesticum, vinegar or other disinfectant. Repeat the procedure several times for the complete destruction of insects. Cereals are not infected by the bug, tie in a tight plastic bags and store in the fridge or a balcony for one or two weeks. Two weeks later, inspect for insects in cereal and pour it into a more reliable glassware with plastic lids.
A great way to prevent bugs in cereals lay in the locker Bay leaves. Display bugs will also help the garlic cloves which you want to clear and put in several places of the kitchen Cabinet. Sprinkle nutmeg on the adhesive side of the adhesive plaster or tape and place in the kitchen Cabinet where the cereal is stored.
For the prevention of cereal bug, you can use this method. Take the bags out of canvas material and boil for 30 minutes in strong salt solution. Allow the bags to cool in this solution and wring out. Then dry at room temperature and iron with a hot iron. In such treated bags salt, bugs will never infest.
Bugs can be brought into the croup directly from the store. Therefore, it is desirable to place the purchased cereals or flour for a few days in the freezer. Raisins and walnuts should preferably be stored in the fridge and cereal in tightly sealed cans.