First you need to find a place where they live -the same hidden area, where they run out. Remember that after the actions against them are taken, it is important to ensure their effectiveness, as even one small egg, left unattended, may lead to new parasites.

How to look and how to behave kitchen bugs

Basically, bugs are always similar to each other, though their origin is different. There are two types of such kitchen parasites: mukedi and grinders. Those and others are brown and live in the cabinets. That's just the first more like the rump, and the second – wood.

If you look closely, you can see that the bugs are slightly different in appearance. Mukedi have a more round shape and dark color, and the grinders – round light-brown color.

Those and other bugs always lay their eggs in cereals, books and crevices. To get rid of them necessarily need, only to prepare have to ensure that war is not a joke.

How to deal and prevent re-appearance of bugs?

For a start, we need to consider more preventive measures. The appearance of such bugs does not depend on how clean the kitchen and the closets, and if stored cereals in special jars, as small parasites always find a way to sneak into the container and spoil the food.

Remember that dried fruits and nuts should be stored in the refrigerator, and the cereal before you pour in a sealed container, better to fry a bit. For storage you can take a small cloth bag, which must be boiled in saline solution. You need to carefully inspect the wardrobe and cover up even the smallest cracks. The same will be done with flooring, Windows and window sills (wood).

However, if brown beetles have "ruining your life", they need to be exterminated. Spoiled food should be discarded, as they, most likely, the parasites have had time to lay eggs. Don't worry if packs of cereals or flour almost full – health is more expensive and will have to throw away. Then shelves, walls and Cabinet doors should be washed with water and adding chlorine-based products. An alternative solution may be vinegar, dissolved in hot water. Those products that had not yet been opened, or, seem not affected by bugs, you need to lay down separate plastic bags and carry out of the house for 14 days. This time will be sufficient to ensure that these products are not hatched new offspring, which you did not notice earlier. If after two weeks, at least 1 bug appears, the whole package must be discarded.

Only getting rid of spoiled food and after disinfection in the kitchen, you can not only get rid of these parasites, but also to prevent their re-emergence.