You will need
  • - a container with warm water;
  • soap;
  • - clean sealed jars;
  • - garlic;
  • - Bay leaf.
After the discovery of bugs in the rump, be sure to check spices, coffee, tea, flour. If you find pests and there, just throw your products, so as to save them will not succeed.
All the other bulk products that you have not found the insect, place a couple of days in the freezer, and in the winter, take them outside to the balcony. This procedure is recommended with cereals, just brought from the store.
Prepare a sealed jar. Wash them with warm water and soap and dry. After that, pour them cereal, after putting inside cleaned, but not cut a clove of garlic, otherwise it will start rotting, and the products will absorb the odor.
Very carefully wash all shelves, cracks and corners in the cabinets in which to store dry foods, warm water with soda or soap. Then wipe everything with a weak solution of vinegar and wait till the cupboard is ventilated and dry.
On the shelves lay dry lavender flowers, Bay leaves or garlic cloves.