You will need
  • - vinegar,
  • - garlic,
  • - pepper or other spices
  • - sticky strips,
  • - peppermint or sweet clover,
  • lemon and orange peel,
  • - geranium
  • is lavender.
The most favourable conditions for cereal moth is considered to be high humidity and lack of ventilation. The first thing you need to ensure the correct and safe storage of products. You should not store grains in plastic bags, place them in glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.
Infected grains will have to part, because the use of such products in food is dangerous to human health. The cabinets thoroughly wash with soap and water, RUB all the grooves and crevices with a brush dipped in table vinegar. Then wash with clean water and wipe dry with a cloth. Leave Cabinet doors open to dry completely. Often open cabinets and Windows, as moth does not like fresh air.
In a bowl with flour, place a few cloves of garlic and shelves of cereal, lay the bags of pepper. They will repel the appetite of this voracious moths. Instead of pepper you can use other spices that also repel butterflies – Bay leaf, marjoram, cloves.
Insecticidal and sharply smelling substances should not be used in the kitchen around food. For controlling moths is better to buy special sticky strips to be glued to the cupboard door from the inside. Specific scent will attract moths, and it will stick forever.
A remarkable property of deterring moles, is considered the clover and peppermint. Grind these herbs and sew in special linen or gauze bag. Place them in the shelves of kitchen cabinets. Get on your windowsill geranium. It is a natural prophylactic against butterflies.
Spread to all corners of the kitchen Cabinet orange or lemon peel. You can put lavender bags. Food moths, as well as a, simply can not stand the smell of this plant.