If you find yourself in the kitchen food moths, please review and go through all the cereals, muesli, cereal, dried fruits, spices and other similar products. The eggs of this pest is similar to the network of the web, larva with black head, with a size of about 1 cm Without regret, dispose of contaminated supplies. To save them it is impossible, and the mole will move to other products even if they are stored in closed packaging – they are for moths, not obstacle, with the exception of glass and metal.
Remove all containers of supplies out of the drawers and lockers, set on the table. Thoroughly wipe all surfaces of the shelf water with vinegar or lemon juice. Open the Windows. Let the kitchen penetrate light and fresh air. Mole does not like them. Leave drawers and Cabinet doors open for 2-3 hours. Then lay the cabinets and drawers lavender flowers, orange and lemon peel - food moths cannot tolerate their smell. Also a good remedy against this pest is garlic. You can put one unpeeled clove in each container of cereal.
Not superfluous to install anywhere special traps for food moths, you can buy them in hardware stores. The device is similar to the triangle with the sticky viscera. Trap the smell of pheromones, the moths on the scent, and sticks. One trap is enough for about 8 weeks. They should be changed periodically. Even when the mole will disappear of the device it is better not to remove one or two of the pest will continue to fly for a long time.