You will need
  • - passport;
  • - employment history;
  • - if you have military ID;
  • - contracts of civil-legal nature;
  • - the data of personified registration.
The frequent case, for example, when making a retirement pension or other occurring circumstances (seniority, maturity of experience at a preferential lists, etc) is the need for the establishment of a certificate of experience. The certificate is issued by employers or state (municipal) bodies, having such right.
The basic document confirming the periods of work under the employment contract, it is employment history of a citizen of the Russian Federation. In the case of absence or doubt the accuracy or reliability of the information it confirmation of periods of work are written employment contracts, extracts from orders, statements for the payment of wages. If certain periods of employment on help for experience, was made out by contracts of civil nature, they are the basis for the statement reference.
With the introduction of the system of personified registration for registered citizens experience is confirmed by information about individual records. In some cases, to restore the seniority of the employee, trapped, for example under the liquidation procedure, you may need to contact the archive to find the required records or to the court for confirmation, where are also taken into account the witnesses.
Reference is made in any form and contains the following data:
- the date of employment, name of company, position for which the employee is recruited, and the number of the order according to which made the appointment;

- date of dismissal, reason for dismissal according to the legislation and the number of the order of dismissal;

- special conditions (if any present): hot experience, underground experience and others;

- the reason for the issuance of the certificate (where granted);

- on what basis are issued this certificate (write in the workbook, personal business, archival data, data of a contract of civil nature etc.).
Certified reference experience signed by the Director of the enterprise/organization, chief accountant and head of the personnel Department with transcripts of the required signatures and seals.