The basic document confirming the experience is the employment history. Bring it to the pension Fund together with other documents, the pension will be assessed. However, to do so it will be possible only if all the data on all jobs shown at their full amount, and it happens not always. In addition, the pension Fund very meticulously verifies the correctness of the work book. If any entry is made incorrectly, is not confirmed by the stamp has the signature of the head of the institution, it will be declared invalid, and the period of work which she acknowledges, will not be paid.
If the labor book is lost or skipped some periods of work experience to confirm your employment with copies of contracts issued to employers, certificates from them, extracts of orders, copies of personal accounts. All these documents can serve to establish seniority only if during the period of your work the employer was making deductions from the salary to the pension Fund. If this was not a period of work seniority will not be included.
If all the company's documents lost due to any natural disaster, fire, catastrophe, experience can confirm two or more witnesses, working together with the citizen. In case if documents are lost for some other reasons, for example due to careless storage but no fault of the citizen, also only witnesses will help to establish the experience.
Union card, design book, registration card of the Union member can also help to set the experience of the citizen, if there are no documents, confirming labor activity. But in this case it is better to search for witnesses, the more that you accrue pension on any preferential basis on these documents will be impossible.