Varieties of inquiries-objectivec

Given that for making reference-objectives there is no common approved standard, each organization to fit their design based on specific goals. Most often, the document is submitted for internal use when considering candidates for promotion, passing the re-certification, etc. External addressees of the reference-objectivec – banks, law enforcement agencies and public organizations.

For internal purposes, most often used the shortened form of reference. It includes information about the date and place of birth, education, professional development, awards and work experience.

Extended information-fact sheets, which often is made for external use, in addition to these characteristics provides information about the personal qualities, merits and level of professional competence.

Features compilation

Often spravki-obektivki compare with the characteristics and summary. The difference is document about objektivnih information is that all instructions about the actual information needs to be strictly documented, available to the personnel Department. If the summary is acceptable to specify the work experience, not verified by employment records, the help of the questionnaire, such information is not reflected.

In addition, help-fact sheets issued by the employer and secured by the signatures of the Director, the head of the personnel Department and stamp of the organization.

With the exception of the graphs on the personal qualities of the questionnaire is the actual nature of reflection, at that time, as the characteristic has a distinct assessment style.

Visually the document is drawn up in the following sequence:

  1. data on the candidate (employee, applicant);
  2. experience;
  3. additional information.

Information block information about the candidate filled in the nominative case. Specify current place of work and position, place of residence and, in rare cases, a series and passport number. Full name of educational institutions, completed by the candidate, accompanied by speciality, form of study (internal, correspondence, internally-correspondence) and the period of study.

Depending on the goals of compilation, the first block of the document may include such graphs as party affiliation, membership in public associations, information about awards and rewards, criminal record, etc. To document podklyuchaetsya often the photograph of the candidate.

The second block of information contains data relating to the experience in accordance with the employment records. Most often it is compiled in a tabular form, indicating date of arrival and departure, name of post and place of work.

The final graph typically consists of a block with contact information, information about marital status and phone numbers. Often additional data are used to describe business and professional qualities of the candidate, providing justification for getting promotions.