Old worn jeans that have lost color and torn, it's easy to bring back to life. First, paint them. This can be done using blue dye or fabric paint. Second, ripped jeans are in fashion. If you complete a hole accidentally formed the company of others, can be very fashionable option. So the cuts came out smooth, it is better to use a razor blade and then take out several threads parallel to the cut.
You don't wear an old sweater due to the fact that it was marked? It can be easy to hide a fabric sticker or rhinestones. To attach a fabric label, you need to make it to the spot and Ironing. The crystals attached to the glue. It is important to note that these little things or just cover up an ugly spot, but also transform the blouse, bored with you.
Do not forget about the original embroidery. Take an old sweater and embroider it on any pattern using beads, sequins or simple thread. You'd be surprised how transformed your thing.
Transform old clothing by using fabric paints. Choose your pattern, make a paper stencil and start drawing on fabric. After application, allow paint to dry.
In addition, the boring clothes you can just alter. There are many interesting styles. Make the cutout on your blouse, deep cut sleeves. Old jeans easily converted into breeches or even shorts. You can also sew additional items such as a pocket, strap or hood.
Sometimes clothes can transform just by changing the buttons. A good option are also selected in tone to clothes brooch, Hooch, earrings, belts and badges.
Remember that old clothes can be combined with a new so what happens a totally different way. So don't throw away a handout, better turn on the imagination.