Worn sleeves can transform, shortening them with scissors to a length of 3/4 or making long short sleeves "lanterns" on the elastic and adding a bright edging of tape or braid.

The neck used things can be converted, making the neckline deeper, more artistic or just giving it a different form. And the edges of the neckline, you can add a delicate design of lace or trim colorful braid.

The lower part of the pants, unusable, can be cut into beautiful shorts or breeches. Thus you get a completely new thing in your wardrobe.

The old collar on the shirt too, can transform, and was decorated with this item of clothing with beautiful stones and velvet braid. On top of the collar you can attach the lace, sew on beads, beads or sequins.

Decorations for old things, you can choose to your taste, skillfully hiding with their help, broken or frayed plot favorite clothes. Now in fabric stores sell decorative sequins in the shape of flowers, insects, butterflies and animals. They can be sewn to the garment, thus concealing minor defects.

Embroidery patterns is another option for decorating old clothes. By following the simple stitches colored threads, you can instantly transform an old and out of fashion clothes.

If the clothes have already lost their appeal, don't rush to send it in the trash. Enough just to dream a little, to figure out how to rectify the situation. In specialized stores you can find plenty of material to work with: stripes, inserts, ribbons, lace, beads, sequins, appliques, and much more. All these components will help significantly to transform clothes. Don't be afraid to experiment and invent something new. And then – the hand skill, and updated the thing ready.