If cotton jackets and trousers have lost their shape and color, you can only use them as rags for cleaning. Workers fight back zip and save. They may still be useful for crafts or repair clothing. Also the zipper used as trim clothing.
Duvet covers and sheets you can use as a basis when sewing baby blankets. Also one can sew pillowcases. Old pillowcases can make covers for clothes.
From jeans you can do many useful things. Starting with the shorts to bags, bracelets and even pillowcases on the pillows.
Shirts are often sewn from beautiful fabrics that can be used for sewing quilts and pillows. They can also be used for sewing clothes for dolls. Always unsew the buttons, they will also be useful to you in your craft.
T-shirt retained its kind, can be made into soft blankets and pillows. If they have a geometric pattern, it will make the finished product even more interesting. From t-shirts you can make baby t-shirts, hats, etc. Also shirts and t-shirts turn out really cute mats.
Socks, tights and gloves can also get a second life. Of children's socks and tights can make a variety of toys: dolls, bunnies, etc. Of Golf can be an unusual accessory - sleeves.
Straps can be shortened and make a baby. Or cropped the old belt can be turned into a collar for the dog. Also from the leather belts make beautiful bracelets. Buckle no big deal, they'll come in handy if you decide to make a new strap.