You will need
  • Old grandmother's handbag, accessories, imagination and your efforts.
All the old bags handle quite primitive, that is, first we need to get rid of them and replace with new stylish.
How to make old <strong>bags</strong> new
Remove excess lacquer paste, which are quite often on the old bags on the side. It is now not relevant, and they will only let you create your masterpiece. For this you need to RUB them with sandpaper in different directions for best Erasure.
If the handbag there are metal fittings, it should be a good Polish – this can be done with the help of special pastes or using the same sandpaper just fine.
How to make old <strong>bags</strong> new
If you want to decorate your purse, can sheathe it with beads from the front side. To create a new handle you can use a thick twisted cord and wire, the wire should be elastic. The two ends make a loop. Then this wire need to twist the cord. Then attach the handle to the purse, the accessory is ready!
How to make old <strong>bags</strong> new