To put ringtone to iPhone, download and install the computer program iRinger and iTunes. First you need to make your ringtone (to translate the song in the correct m4r format and reduced to 30 seconds), and the second – for connection of phone to computer.
Start iRinger and click "import". Select the desired music file which you want to make ringtone for your iPhone and open it.
Make sure that the program converted the song to m4r. After the operation completes, hit "preview" and select the part of song you want to set your ringer on the iPhone. Click "export" and "go", rename the ringtone and save it.
Following these simple manipulations in a few the program will create and save a ringtone that you would like to put as ringtones for iPhone. To know that the transaction is completed, it is possible to find the inscription "success" in the program window.
To install the created ringtones to iPhone run iTunes, connect your device to the computer via cable or wirelessly. Go to the "sounds" program and add the file to library.
Start the synchronization of the iPhone and the computer, choose "all ringtones". Now you can put a melody to Athos by going to settings and selecting the desired song.