To iPhone to set your desired ringtone for the call, first you will need two useful programs - iTunes and iRinger. Download them from the Internet or purchase on disk.
Install the iRinger program to your personal computer and run it. In the interface you will see marked with a lightning bolt on the Import button, click on it. The screen displays folder file Explorer, select it using the music file that you want to do in the moment ringtone for your iPhone. Click "Open".
Wait while the program converts your chosen ringtone in m4r format. It takes a few seconds. Seeing that the operation completed successfully, click on the Preview button and adjust the piece of track that you want to see as a call on the iPhone. Next, click Export, and in the appeared window press the Go button. If necessary, for ease of reference, here enter the tune name selected as the call, and specify the path where it is saved.
After clicking the Go button, the program will take a few seconds to create a ringtone for the call. That melody is created, you will prompt appeared on the screen, a notice in the window that says Success. All the ringtone you created, now we have to install it on a call.
Start downloaded from the Internet for iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your personal computer. In the left program menu, go to "Ringtones". Specify the path to the desired music by selecting "Add file to library" in menu "File". The file with the melody appears in the list of ringtones the program. Go to the menu "Devices" and enable the synchronization, select "All ringtones". Now your favorite tune downloaded to the iPhone. To install it, go into audio settings and set up a simple tap of your finger on the name of the ringtone.