Settings smartphone running the Android operating system

If you own an Iphone or windowsphone", let this paragraph you do not mind, because the interface of the application according to its logic is the same for all platforms, minor differences can be only in the external design of the application.

To change a call in Viber, launch the app on your smartphone by clicking on the appropriate icon. When you start you will be taken to the main screen that shows the contacts available to make a call in Viber. To access the settings click on the icon located in the lower right corner of the screen of the smartphone.

Now you are in the settings menu of the app. Each tab is responsible for the various possibilities of programs that you can modify to your taste. You will be available privacy settings, notifications, calls and messages, display, etc.

Don't be afraid to experiment, you can go back to standard settings by clicking the appropriate tab in the menu.

To change the ringtone, press the "Notifications" tab.

By default, the call quality on Viber, set the standard for app ringtone. To change the call, tick the tab "Use system sounds".

Select ringtone

Remaining in the tab "Notifications", click the tab "Ringtone". Now to make a choice you will have access to all sounds and ringtones that you downloaded on your smartphone.

Any song from the list you can pre-listen by clicking its name.

Now smartphone you "offered" to confirm or cancel your choice. If you are satisfied with the outcome, and any call is found, confirm your choice by pressing the "Yes" button.

Now your favorite ringtone is set as incoming call sound in Viber and you can minimize the application by pressing the Home button, or return to the settings and continue to modify applications according to your preferences.

Tip: install Viber melody, different from that which you use for incoming calls in cellular networks. This will allow the ear to determine what you call for Viber.

It is important to remember that when making outgoing calls-Viber mobile and landline phones may incur additional charges.