You will need
  • Specially made perepahivanii cable.
Chinese phones perepisyvatsya only using self-made cable. To do this, download the cable schematic for flashing Chinese phones. Make a Pinout of the wires supplied with the device for exposing the plug. Peredayte need the contacts and check the cable.
Before the phone fully charge the battery. After charging, turn the device off, remove battery, insert it back. Turn on the machine.
Download app Spider Man 2.5 from the Internet and perform installation in accordance with the instructions of the installer. Connect the cable to the COM port of the computer, run the installed program.
In the window that appears click on the Connect button and check the checkbox next to Set new port. Among these values select Com 1, baudrate specify BPS_115200.
Download the firmware file for your phone and save it in a convenient folder. In the menu click on Flash button and select the downloaded file of the device software.
Once in the program window will display a message ON key Press please, connect the device and two seconds press and hold the Central button of the device. If all goes well, the screen will display the red graph, which shows the flashing process.
Change software lasts from 20 to 40 minutes. Try not to make any operations on the computer do not run any demanding applications. Waiting for the end of pereproshivka, disconnect the phone and then remove and insert back the battery. The device can now enable.