Advice 1: How to make the muscles hard

The proverb "meet On clothes, escorted by the mind" has not been canceled. And still the first impression often has a decisive influence on the way that you are perceived by others. Therefore, for men it is important to have strong, well developed muscles, because the image of macho is still inextricably linked with spectacular muscles. Fortunately, to make your muscles hard and strong not so difficult.
How to make the muscles hard
You will need
  • - Rod;
  • - dumbbell;
  • gymnastic bench;
  • - the crossbar.
To strengthen leg muscles, perfect squats. Put the barbell on the shoulders and slightly down her back so she lay on the deltoid muscle. Keep your back straight, eyes straight ahead, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lower your body, averting the pelvis back, like sit on the chair. Lower yourself until thighs are parallel the floor, hold for one account, and then climb to the original position on three accounts.
The best exercise for developing the musculature of the back remains normal pull-UPS. They will help you to get the impressive mounds of muscle. Grasp the bar straight grip shoulder width apart. Slightly rotten back and keep blades. Legs can be crossed at the ankles and slightly bent. Pull elbows to the body while not affect the crossbar chin, then slowly lower yourself down. At the bottom point, do not relax your hands to avoid damaging the long head of the triceps.
Do different types of pushups to do relief and firm the chest muscles and arms. In addition to the usual simple push UPS you can perform this exercise with your feet on the platform. To make muscles more solid, do push-UPS with the cotton under the Breasts or with the displacement of the hand to jump. Uneven push UPS will help to pump his hands more effectively.
For biceps use dumbbells or barbell. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart, weights in the lowered hands. Calmly raise your hands palms up, pulling the dumbbells or barbell to the shoulder joints. At the top hold and slowly lower the hands down. Do not relax, after completing the upgrade, and don't throw your hand with the weights down sharply. This can cause injury to the ligaments of the elbow joint.
For biceps do the French bench press. Lie down on a gym bench. Bend legs at knees and place on the bench. This leads to the fact that the lower back is pressed firmly against the bench. Take a barbell or dumbbells straight grip. Raise your elbows so that your forearms were completely vertical, and the elbow joint was directly over the shoulder. Burdening is over head, palms face up. Straighten your arms, lifting the weights. Hold the top and return to starting position. Fix the elbows. Don't let them break up during lifting
It is impossible to make the muscles hard, not doing a run. Even if you pump the outstanding muscles, the fat layer will give the impression of blur and softness. To reduce subcutaneous body fat, perform aerobic exercise at least three times a week for 40-60 minutes. Run in the middle and a fast pace, alternating between them.

Advice 2: How to make dumbbells

Many people want to exercise, maintain your body in good shape, but most often in the way of their desire are financial problems, lack of money to spend in gyms or for the purchase of equipment such as dumbbells. It turns out that to make these simulators can home.
How to make dumbbells
You will need
  • - plastikovye bottles (Fanta)
  • - tin cans (condensed milk)
  • - two small piece of metal pipe
  • - cement mortar, sand or water
There are several ways to make dumbbells with your hands. We will first consider one that can carry the easiest. For this you will need empty plastic bottles (ideal bottles of Fanta, as they will be comfortable to hold in hand), water or sand, electronic scales, if you want to handle the weight of the dumbbell.
1. Pick up the bottles, carefully wash them, get rid of labels.

2. Fill bottles with sand (and water, but you will have to frequently change the contents).

3. Weigh the future of the dumbbell to adjust the weight by adding or subtracting sand (water).

4. Screw tight the bottle cap.

5. For security reasons, seal the lid with insulating tape.
Your dumbbells ready, you can test it during home workouts.
Using the following method you can do dumbbells, which will weigh much more than the dumbbells out of the bottles. Prepare the following materials: a pair tin cans (condensed milk, or similar), if you need large dumbbells - you can take cans of paint that exist in different sizes, a piece of metal pipe (about 20 cm) cement mortar.
Do dumbbells:
1. Take two jars, rinse and dry them.

2. Take a jar, fill it with cement mortar.

3. Insert one end of the metal pipe into the solution.

4. Keep a couple of minutes, until the solution begins to thicken, and the pipe will hold itself in an upright position.

5. Leave the next dumbbell up to complete solidification of the cement.

6. Fill with a solution of the second jar.

7. Paste the free end of the pipe, which filled the first jar.

8. Hold for a while.

9. Fix the tube in the desired position and leave until fully cured.
The manufacture of dumbbells with the latest way you will take more time, but they are very sturdy and comfortable.

Advice 3: How to make your muscles bigger

Good to be great! In order for the biceps, triceps and latissimus dorsi look spectacular, enough to lose a little weight and regularly perform basic exercises with weights. How to be skinny with lack of muscle mass? Going to the gym becomes a daily, the weight increases, and muscles, though raised, could not be more... With this problem you can handle!
To increase muscle mass, increase daily calorie intake.
You will need
  • Protein foods
  • Workout through the day
  • Frequent eating
  • Work with large muscle groups
  • Protein shakes
Not razmenivayas the details!
In order to ensure maximum growth of muscle fiber, overload the major muscle groups. This is especially true if you exercise for a long time, and increase muscle mass to a halt. In the training complex must be thrust, presses, squats, thrust in the slope, dips and bench presses. Do 2 - 3 sets of 8 – 12 reps each. The break between sets is 1 minute.
Not to strive for every day.
In order for muscles grew intensely, between workouts must be a day of rest. Muscle after exercise grow within 48 hours. Moreover, they increase at a time when you rest, not in the period of the voltage.
Vegetarianism is not for you.
To make muscles grow, they need construction material: approximately two grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight per day. A male weighing 78 kg need to consume per day, about 160 grams of protein. The rest of the menu should be divided equally between carbohydrates and fats.
Eat more often.
Too few meals during the day will cause muscle growth to slow. It is better to distribute the calories evenly among six meals, with each meal your body has to get about 20 grams of protein.
Best time for carbs is after a workout.
Dishes such as potatoes, pasta and bananas are better to eat after a workout. These carbohydrate-rich foods increase the insulin level in the blood. In turn, insulin slows the breakdown of muscle protein. This will prevent your body to restore energy reserves at the expense of muscle mass.
Drink protein shakes.
The intake of amino acid-carbohydrate cocktails before a workout allows you to build muscle faster than if you took them after your workout. The fact that during exercise blood actively flows to the muscles and amino acids are better absorbed. For a cocktail you need: 1 teaspoon of protein powder 120 g low-fat yogurt, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 240 gr orange or grape juice.
Ice cream is great!
In ice cream contains a lot of carbohydrate. Eat a serving of cold treats in two hours after a workout, and your muscles will settle more glucose. And it is necessary for the development of muscle tissues.

Advice 4: How to strengthen the muscles of the lower back

Iceman - this often you can hear not only about a very proud man or woman. It is also possible to describe and someone who has back problems and lower back in particular. To such troubles to avoid, take care of the back should always. And, of course, strengthen the muscles of the lower back.
How to strengthen the muscles of the lower back
To train the muscles of the back, you need to regularly exercise to strengthen lower back. One of them looks like this: starting position - on all fours, his knees and elbows into the floor. Actually exercise is a simultaneous lifting of the right hand and left foot. They definitely need to straighten parallel to the floor. Hold body in this position is at least 2 seconds repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times. And don't forget to alternate arms and legs.
Use another no less effective exercise. Lie on the floor on your stomach, hands along the torso, slightly lift the legs and head so that a small deflection in the center of the waist. Try to keep the position of the body for a few seconds. Then slowly return to starting position. When you can repeat the exercise 20 times, put himself under the breast cushion to increase the load.
Do some stretching. Nothing helps strengthen the lumbar muscles as stretching. Sit on the floor or training Mat, bend your knees. Now you need to hug them so that you could omit to the chest chin. Then arch your back so that it widened, and then slightly lean backward. Take your time and slowly return to the starting position.
Another exercise is: lying on your stomach and begin to tear the legs off the floor one by one, and then put them back on the floor. After warming up, take the leg back (be careful that it was straight and the pelvis was not off the floor) and hold it so 3 to 5 seconds. Change the leg. Now lift first one leg, then the second, then to lower both slowly and smoothly.
A great way to strengthen the muscles of the lower back - legs. Lying on stomach, raise both legs, then slowly and carefully spread them apart, then join together and push. Can also try Wraith the lumbar spine as follows: lying on stomach, raise both legs and hold in this position for some time (as I can), then carefully lower.
Useful advice
Be very careful when performing any strength exercises, you need to choose the manner of execution of training where you feel no pain. Any, even the slightest discomfort is a signal to stop the workout. After all, you risk breaking the back and the treatment will take a lot of effort, time and money.
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