You will need
  • - Rod;
  • - dumbbell;
  • gymnastic bench;
  • - the crossbar.
To strengthen leg muscles, perfect squats. Put the barbell on the shoulders and slightly down her back so she lay on the deltoid muscle. Keep your back straight, eyes straight ahead, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lower your body, averting the pelvis back, like sit on the chair. Lower yourself until thighs are parallel the floor, hold for one account, and then climb to the original position on three accounts.
The best exercise for developing the musculature of the back remains normal pull-UPS. They will help you to get the impressive mounds of muscle. Grasp the bar straight grip shoulder width apart. Slightly rotten back and keep blades. Legs can be crossed at the ankles and slightly bent. Pull elbows to the body while not affect the crossbar chin, then slowly lower yourself down. At the bottom point, do not relax your hands to avoid damaging the long head of the triceps.
Do different types of pushups to do relief and firm the chest muscles and arms. In addition to the usual simple push UPS you can perform this exercise with your feet on the platform. To make muscles more solid, do push-UPS with the cotton under the Breasts or with the displacement of the hand to jump. Uneven push UPS will help to pump his hands more effectively.
For biceps use dumbbells or barbell. Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart, weights in the lowered hands. Calmly raise your hands palms up, pulling the dumbbells or barbell to the shoulder joints. At the top hold and slowly lower the hands down. Do not relax, after completing the upgrade, and don't throw your hand with the weights down sharply. This can cause injury to the ligaments of the elbow joint.
For biceps do the French bench press. Lie down on a gym bench. Bend legs at knees and place on the bench. This leads to the fact that the lower back is pressed firmly against the bench. Take a barbell or dumbbells straight grip. Raise your elbows so that your forearms were completely vertical, and the elbow joint was directly over the shoulder. Burdening is over head, palms face up. Straighten your arms, lifting the weights. Hold the top and return to starting position. Fix the elbows. Don't let them break up during lifting
It is impossible to make the muscles hard, not doing a run. Even if you pump the outstanding muscles, the fat layer will give the impression of blur and softness. To reduce subcutaneous body fat, perform aerobic exercise at least three times a week for 40-60 minutes. Run in the middle and a fast pace, alternating between them.