Once you have decided to pump up the neck, go to the gym. In any of these, you will be assigned a professional coach who will explain the purpose of the existing simulators. Pick the suitable exercise program and start to exercise. This should be done taking into account your physical capabilities, training, free time, etc. However, at full employment you can pump up the muscles of the neck and at home.
If you prefer your workout in the home, be patient, because to practice you will often have. It is proved that it is better to perform certain tasks multiple times with a smaller load on this muscle group than doing it rarely, but very intense. As a rule of thumb be sure to do a total workout.
In order to pump up the neck, you have to follow certain rules. First, training should take place smoothly and without sudden movements. Achievement of the effective result depends on the number of exercises and sets. Do about 3-4 different tasks in the amount of 10-20 times.
Be prepared to a little dizziness, which may occur as a result of abundant blood supply. Also you may notice muscle pain in the neck, which demonstrates the correct training. Don't worry, because very soon it will pass. Special attention should be paid to the drafts and exposure to cold, which you should avoid during and after class.
The easiest way to pump up the neck will be the influence of its own forces on the neck muscles. To do this, interlock your palms in the lock on the back of my head and start to put pressure on him. You should be using the neck muscles to resist this effect. You can also enlist the help of a partner.
Another technique is the use of various devices. For example, weights and pancakes, which are fastened by means of straps.