Advice 1: Why harden the muscles

Many athletes, too interested in strength training and absolutely not caring about flexibility, have tight and firm muscles. Many research shows that athletes with more tight muscles have a higher power output and greater risk of injury than those who have muscles more elastic.
Why harden the muscles
All muscles are composed of contractile proteins actin and myosin. The more of these fibers, the larger muscles. The fibers are linked together by another protein – collagen. Each muscle from both ends is attached to the bones by tendons. The collagen in the tendon transmits the force generated by the contractile fibers. As the collagen is more rigid than the myosin and actin, and its quantity determines the degree of density of the muscle in its relaxed state. When muscle tension myosin and actin is as hard as the collagen. Therefore, when working on flexibility of the muscles of her first heat a maximum tensile stress occurred in the muscle fibers, and not at the coupling.
According to the results of research conducted with the participation of experienced athletes and untrained people, those who had dense muscle produced greater isometric and concentrated effort. Therefore, the density of the muscle directly affects power output. Elastic in muscles, transmission longer, and therefore less effective. Also has been noticed the fact that when weight training muscle sacratomato. The same effect have taken steroids. On the one hand, the loss of elasticity in favor of a higher power figures is accepted as a reasonable measure. On the other hand, it comes to the fact that many of the athletes, security forces are unable to get a hand to the pocket of the trousers.
As already noted, one of the side effects of solid muscle – increased risk of injury in the form of torn ligaments. The exact cause of this is unknown but most researchers lean to the assumption that flexible muscular-ligamentous system better absorbs. Therefore, regular stretching is not only a convenience in the form of a wider range of motion and significantly less risk of injury.
In power sports such as weightlifting or powerlifting, flexibility, sacrifice for the opportunity to receive prizes at the event. Moreover, to make yourself more "logopedisti" they use different shirts, shorts, belts and headbands. And the risk of injury when lifting extreme weights are still very high. In bodybuilding to sacrifice flexibility for the sake of pointless extra pounds. The goal of the bodybuilder is to subject your muscles to more stress. And it can be done without heavy weights.
Moreover, many researchers confirm that more flexible muscles allow the athlete to better recover between workouts. And it is just as important in bodybuilding as the load. Active recovery consists in performing stretching exercises, significantly accelerates muscle recovery. And to perform these exercises are recommended either immediately after training or the next day after it.
In sports requiring explosive power, such as in jumping or sprinting, the muscle hardness of the helper becomes the enemy. The fact is that the more elastic the muscles when stretching can store more energy that is released during contraction. In addition, the sharp stretching (for example, the squat before the jump) causes the muscle fiber to react to the sharp contraction is called the myotatic reflex.

Advice 2: Why is there a decrease muscle

All human muscles formed a special cloth fibers that are held together with connective tissue into bundles. They are all permeated with nerves and blood vessels. Muscle contraction is caused not only by their structure but also their interaction with the human skeleton.
Why is there a decrease muscle
Human muscles are reduced, due primarily to various stimuli. This process is accompanied by thickening or shortening of muscle fibers, and thus the entire muscle as a whole. How can you call it reduction?For example, you can spend a short electric shock into the body, which will cause immediate muscle contraction. It will not last more than 0.1 seconds. Another way to cause muscle contraction to be for a long time in a certain position. That is, while lying in bed or sitting at the computer. In these cases are prolonged muscle contractions. All this is due to the position of the body in which almost no movement.So why shrink the muscles?This process occurs in vivo under the influence of excitement, which enters the muscle from the nervous system by centrifugal nerves. You can perform two simple experiment to visually understand how this happens.To begin sit on a chair and put one foot to the other. Ask you to hit the edge of the palm on the knee. This will entail the stimulation of the receptors of the tendons of the knee. The process of excitation arising in them, are transmitted via the spinal cord through the nerves to the muscles of a person. They will be reduced for some time, leading to the "jumping" of the tibia. This process is also called the patellar reflex. It is caused by excitement, which came from the CNS to skeletal muscles.The second is a simple example of muscle contraction. Hail any passing person on the street. You will see how he will turn his head, despite the fact that you can get it and not know. Moreover, he turns in the direction of the sound. This is a reflex process, which is caused by nervous excitement. It enters the receptor organs of hearing and goes through the brain to the muscles of a person. Thus there is a reduction of muscles.

Advice 3: How to build muscle in a month

If summer left nothing at all, and look good still want, of course, we rush to the gym and rush all that we see, because I want to build muscle and lose unwanted pounds as soon as possible. This is the wrong approach to build muscle in a month is possible only if approached in a structured and a step not to deviate from the schedule.
How to build muscle in a month
You will need
  • -gym membership
Dedicate the first day of the study the pectoral muscles and triceps are complementary muscle. Start the day with a warm-up with push-UPS. Then, perform a bench-press straight on the bench – five repetitions of ten approaches. Then run the wiring straight dumbbells on the bench – four sets of eight repetitions, then proceed to the exercises on incline bench. The principle is the same – five approaches on ten repetitions with a barbell and eight of the con. The next exercise is bench press because of the head E-Z rod, this way you finally will work the triceps, which are tensed during the press.
On the second day you work the back, shoulders and biceps. Back complete upper and lower arms with those weights that you can pull ten times in the last approach. To work out shoulders make a lift of the rod because of the head standing and the lifting of the dumbbells up through the side in the standing position, both exercises do the four approaches on ten repetitions. Complete the practice exercise for biceps – lifting barbells in a standing position and a separate study of each hand dumbbells when working with a focus. Each exercise perform four approaches to twelve repetitions.
Third day take the step. Perform squats, leg extension exercise on the leg curl. Each exercise, perform six approaches on ten repetitions with the optimal weight. Complete the training study of the calf and working on front and side part of the press.
In any case do not make the gap between each training day is more or less than one day!
Useful advice
Be sure to sleep a minimum you should have eight to nine hours of sleep, and don't forget to eat right.
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