You will need
    • molds for chocolate;
    • chocolate;
    • food coloring;
    • parchment;
    • pencil;
    • metal cookie cutters.
Chocolate bar finely smash and melt in a water bath. Now pour the melted chocolate in any container and chill it in the freezer. To cool the chocolate sufficiently long time, until the mixture starts to harden. Then heat the chocolate again to the working temperature with vigorous stirring. The working temperature for milk chocolate is 30-32 degrees, and for white – 28-30 degrees. These actions are necessary for the future of the product has a nice luster, hardness and fragility. Chocolate, thus prepared, will have a homogeneous structure, pleasant aroma and long shelf life.
Make figures with special molds for chocolate. You can buy them in stores dishes, pastry shops, supermarkets, various online stores offering products for confectioners. Carefully wipe the shape with a towel, paying attention to all the curves and small recesses.
Carefully fill the mold with chocolate without adding to the top. Slowly tap the form on the table to release all the air, and the chocolate is evenly distributed across all notches. To ensure that air bubbles inside the figurines left, lift the form, and look at the bottom of the product.
Put the filled forms in the fridge. Curing time depends on the size of the figures. An average of 10-30 minutes. To be sure that the chocolate is completely frozen, look at the bottom of the molds. The color should be uniform. Should not lurks silvery stripes and shadows on the figure.
Lay on a table a clean towel. Form turn over and gently tap her on the table. The figures will fall on the towel.
Use various chocolate colors to get more interesting and unusual figures. Can be combined in one mould several types of chocolate, giving each product its own unique look and taste.
Make chocolate figures with a stencil, if you do not have special forms. To do this, apply on parchment paper different patterns (you can transfer printed images).
Prepare the chocolate in the same way as in step 1. Fill parchment kinetic or small cellophane bag. Cut the package spout. Apply the chocolate onto the paper and allow to fully harden in the fridge. Remove the frozen figures of the cold with a sharp knife. This should be done quickly and very neatly.
Apply on sheet of parchment, a thin layer of chocolate and leave to harden. From the resulting seam can be cut chocolate figurines of various metal molds. This requires a mold press down hard on the chocolate layer, take the figure with a knife and carefully remove from the parchment.