Explore the positive side of each of the men. Your feelings will hinder you to make a rational choice, however, you must make the effort to try to understand why you like a particular person, what makes you love him? Perhaps the man is extremely interesting topics that can inspire your ideas and interests, or he has a good sense of humor and you always have fun with it. This quality can inspire others, they make people look at the world in new ways.
Determine what you do not like these men. Make the decision on the final selection can't be considered negative aspects of each of them. A person can be a lot of merit, maybe you like it, however, the negative side is that you don't notice may be unacceptable to you. The choice of this man in this case would be incorrect. Note, for example, how he communicates with you and others. Maybe he likes to manipulate or to command. The selfishness in man it is hard to spot if you are overwhelmed with feelings for him. Try to escape and look closely at the man, you will see its negative side.
Compare the feelings that you experience while you are with each of the men. Identified advantages of one of the men may seem to be determining for you. However, it is possible that another man can make you feel happy with their presence. Please note, if you comfortable with a man whether you like his compliments, don't they strike you down. Do you feel that his attention was drawn only to you, not does he compare you with other women. This comparison will help you to understand how each of the men affects your emotional state and your feelings.
Try to trust the second opinion, ask friends, see what they think about your relationship. However, don't ask them direct questions, not try to learn from them, what choice you should make. Ask only about how your relationship looks from the outside. If you have already decided to ask the opinion of others probably makes no sense. However, be prepared to take advice, if they still give the side view may be less biased.
Learn to trust your intuition. Use the experience of past relationships if they have been. Perhaps you've met men with similar traits and your relationship nothing good is not over. It is not necessary in this case to blindly trust your feelings.