Active search

Monitoring the news. Select the person who will be on 3-5 hours a day to browse the Internet and read the press, looking at their mentions of current construction and plans for construction. See also tenders, thus perform a search for contacts named in the articles of companies, then check out these contacts. Then call the business and send them commercial offers by e-mail, mail, Fax. In a good case will be assigned to the meeting for business negotiations and concluding contract.
The campaign on the construction sites

Click on the ongoing in your region construction sites and find customers, dissatisfied with the conduct of work at the moment. Offer them your services, engage and explain why you fit for them.

Search for contacts major construction and General Contracting companies and call them asking the simple question: "are you Building now?". Perhaps you are considering building in the near future. If Yes, then come, build relationships, and you get into their database of contacts that will get you orders in soon.
The same thing, but on the other hand. Looking for information about current construction projects, looking for contacts of companies that do construction, and call. Next, specify whether the construction is continued in crisis, and unobtrusively offer their services. Each of these methods ultimately leads to contact with a potential customer.
Passive search

Characterized by the fact that you advertise, but a further search of potential customers lies in the answers to calls and tenders, which send you to the company. This approach may be justified: provided exceptional uniqueness of the services offered by your company; in the case where the demand greatly exceeds the supply; when you are already well established, and you have no end of customers coming to you for advice. Let's direct and indirect advertising, promote your site, work with partners in the system of exchange customers, etc.