Suppose we are talking about the customer receiving funding from the state budget. Under current law, he is obliged to place announcements of the upcoming construction, reconstruction, etc. at specific sites, for example, or more online auction sites. That is, if you are a Manager of a construction company, having all necessary constituent documents, licenses, experience, and not being in the register of unfair suppliers, artists can participate in the contest or auction.
If the customer is a commercial organization or private owner, it publishes a notice about the wish to conclude the construction in a row on other websites. For example, and the like. The announcement gives brief information: what kind of work the customer needs, what are the terms (scope of work, pricing, etc.). Unable to respond to any appropriate ad stating the necessary information about yourself and leaving contact numbers. And there it is all up to you: convince a potential customer that you are able to quickly and efficiently do this work.
Remember the wise rule: "a rolling stone gathers no moss!". And official building organizations, and seasonal crews galore. Competition in this market is very hard, and that potential client chose you will have to exert effort and spend a certain amount on advertising. At least – post information about themselves on Bulletin boards, and ideally promote yourself in the media.
A big role plays the so-called "word of mouth", especially if we are talking about the construction of cottages, farm buildings, fences, gazebos, etc. the Vast majority of truckers, especially if they are already in old age, attach great importance to the recommendations of neighbors, relatives, co-workers, and acquaintances.
If you have already completed the construction work in the area, and you are satisfied – consider yourself lucky, and in conversations with potential customers safely refer: "But we built something and then we can ask about us from so-and-so and so-and-so..." No doubt, I'll ask. And more than likely that you will get new construction in a row.