Advertising Agency – a special kind of business. Deciding to work in this segment of the market, be aware of high competition, forcing to constantly come up with new ways of self-positioning, attracting and retaining customers. To find new customers, you first need a clear idea of what services can offer the Agency and what they can be the most popular.
First, you need to determine is, Il the Agency preferences by types of business (e.g. construction, restaurants, IT). Then you need to decide what the budgets and time they focused short-term promotional projects, long-term advertising campaign, one-off work on the creation of promotional materials, etc. depending on this you can make a portrait of a potential client. For example, small budgets and the amount of work normally required of different startups, long-term projects often bought successful companies, and in anticipation of major exhibitions almost all require the development of promotional materials for distribution to visitors.
Having defined the activity and the desired budget, you can begin to direct the search. For this fit an ordinary search engine. Enter a collective description of a potential client, for example: mini-hotels in Moscow, Moscow restaurants, web Studio, etc. Next, you need to view all the results and generate a database of contacts that can be passed for processing to the sales Manager.
Another good way of finding customers for the advertising Agency are a variety of affiliate programs. One of the most effective options for such cooperation is the work of an advertising Agency in tandem with web-design Studio: our client offers comprehensive solutions to its problems at the best price, which almost always gets approved.