Working remotely today is a different direction from copywriting to accounting. Popular programmers, designers, writers and advertisers. To begin to freelance, you need to be a master in some area, and start looking for clients who are these services really needed. The more experience, the higher the price, but early in his career, will need to perform a lot of things for relatively little money.
The most popular way to find work is to contact the freelance marketplaces. This is the place where customers place ads remote employees. Someone picks up regular performers, someone needs to run a project. Usually, resources on activities, and this makes it easy to navigate. On the website you need to create your profile, through which then it will be convenient to communicate with potential employers. Large freelance marketplaces: ,,
Each exchange provides the opportunity to work without risk. While you communicate with the customer only on the resource, it ensures that will pay for the work, as it makes the amount for the project in advance. After execution it falls to the executor. But you need to pay a cent for the support of this deal, it will be from 3 to 10% of the order value. This is a convenient way, because sometimes the employer disappears, leaving the contractor without a fee. Exchanges also provide the opportunity to make and Deposit portfolio. These are examples of work that you can deliver to potential customers, on their basis the decision on hiring.
Work freelancer can search on the forums. This is the place where performers can find interesting offers. Having a profile, you can lead conversations on any topic that will allow customers to have about you some idea. The forum provides a safe operation, so the risks are much higher than on the exchanges. But the percentage of earnings do not have to give. The most popular resources for communication:,,
A good opportunity to find work is to contact the web Studio. Specialists are always required, and quite often accepted and remote employees. Write letters to various companies about job search, tell us about your skills, a link to the portfolio. Cooperation with similar organizations whether they constantly propose designs that guarantees regular employment and rarely refuse to pay earnings. But it is important not to disappear for long periods of time, be able to carry all the time.
Work directly the best one, but difficult to find. If you are a designer search the web sites that are not in the best way. Write to the administrators with a proposal to fix it. Offer a solution for a specific resource, and it is likely that your help will be in demand. This method is very convenient as there are no middlemen. But usually 30-40 sentences works only one. Usually this method is used by copywriters and designers, programmers realized so complicated.