You will need
  • – market analysis of advertisers and their interest in the advertisement;
  • – analysis of competitors over the past few months;
  • – data on young companies that entered the market in the last year.
Explore the market of potential advertisers that may be interested in advertising. Often managers are insufficiently examined the industry in which they operate, due to which without attention is the businesses that have a small turnover. But as experience shows, it is the most selling budget promotional packages brings up half of the profits of each advertising company.
Take advantage of a client base of their colleagues in the case, if the company employs a staff of managers on sales. This method allows you to exchange with an employee of clients who for unknown reasons refuse to go on contact. In the advertising businesse often plays an important role what kind of impression the Manager has made a potential advertiser. Most often, a crucial role is played by personal animosity, unpleasant Association with the image Manager or the failed acquaintance. Transmission potential client will be useful not only for the Manager but for the whole enterprise. So, the commercial Department will demonstrate loyalty and interest in the advertiser.
Analyze competitors in the event, if you do not conduct this monitoring on a monthly basis. Write down the names of all new advertisers, and those who refuse to cooperate with your company, preferring a competitive organization. Assume that forced the advertiser to refuse your offer, and what benefits it attract competitors. If you have come to the conclusion that the main problem does not depend on your work: poor quality of printing and a small circulation (for printed promotional publications) or small traffic in the area of banners (outdoor advertising), then take this issue to the meeting or inform about the results of the analysis of the immediate supervisor.