How to get rid of food moths

First of all, a revision in the kitchen: carefully inspect food supplies and a variety of cereals for life larvae or young of butterflies moths in them. Thus, it is not necessary to touch the rump, trying to keep at least some part of it — you have to throw away the product together with the package. Thus you will get rid of moth larvae, eggs and other debris, left by these insects. Another thing — those products where the mole was not detected. Pour them into sealed glass or tin cans. Only then can we proceed to the immediate destruction of the food moths.


This tool from food moth was known to our grandparents. Prepare a soap solution and carefully wipe them all surfaces in the kitchen. Then ventilate the room for 30-40 minutes and plentifully grease with vinegar (don't forget to wear gloves on his hands) all the cracks, where he was spotted by a mole, and then close the door to the kitchen and not go in there at least an hour. In the end once again thoroughly ventilate the room.

Garlic and herbs

Food moths, like many other insects, can not tolerate the strong smell. So take a few heads of garlic, slightly his teeth and lay on all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Instead of garlic, you can also use peppermint, lavender or wormwood. Method of application is similar to the first.

Traps for food moths

If the traditional methods of getting rid of the moles did not bring results, try a special tool from the store. For example, traps for food moths. The smell of these traps attracts adult food moths, but when they're flying, then instantly stick to the sticky tape and, consequently, die. Of course, this method will not save you from larvae or eggs of the moth, but the number of adult insects will be reduced.


The most effective tool in the fight against food moths are chemicals that can be purchased in any specialty store operate smoothly. Use them only strictly observing the instructions, and don't forget about their own protection. Remember that any of the funds may not act if the insects have long been adapted. So poison food moths for a long time the same way is not recommended.

The prevention of moths in the kitchen

Even if you could get rid of food moths, there is no guarantee that it will not appear in your house again. To avoid this you will observe several simple rules. Always keep the kitchen clean. It not only protect you from moths, but from other equally dangerous insects. Just bought cereals and other granular products be sure to immediately check for the presence of various insects and peresypaya them in airtight jars. Store bulk products in a closed form.

And, of course, don't forget to close all vents or hoods in the kitchen a dense mesh, otherwise food moths will easily penetrate you from the neighbors.