You will need
  • - vinegar essence;
  • - sealed cans;
  • - garlic cloves (peeled);
  • - Bay leaf.
Examine very carefully all your supplies cereals, pasta, crackers, flour, dried fruits, spices. Bugs can also wind up in the sugar, tea and cocoa. Throw away all products where insects are detected. Eating them is impossible, even if you bake the cereal in the oven.
Place for 24-48 hours in the freezer products in bulk in which insects are not detected. The only way to be sure that they will appear new bugs from larvae and eggs which you have not noticed by visual inspection of grain.
Do a thorough cleaning in the kitchen. Remove contents of kitchen cabinets. Rinse them thoroughly inside and outside with warm water and disinfectant. It is suitable vinegar essence, you can use a solution of Domestos. Wipe kitchen cupboards, dry them, preferably during the day.
Cover the Newspapers shelves where to store cereals. People say that printing ink repels bugs. Put in cabinets, Bay leaf, cloves of garlic. You can use dry lavender flowers.
Buy new products in the store in small quantities. Pour them in a sealed container. For reinsurance purchased grain can be put on a night in the freezer of the refrigerator. As folk remedies you can try to put in the jars with dry food aluminum spoon.