Advice 1: How to cure constipation

Constipation refers to so sensitive issues that people are not always rushing to the clinic. But in vain! Often constipation is a symptom of a more serious illness. But if he is not of a chronic nature, you can remedy the situation without visiting the attending physician.
How to cure constipation
You will need
  • - flax seeds;
  • - laxative fruits zhostera ions.
Take the time to do enemas. Of course, they are highly efficient but with frequent use, you can develop your body a sense of dependence. And instead get rid of the problem, will only aggravate it. Treatments using a mug Esmarch recommended about 2-3 times a month.
Most often constipation causes improper diet or a violation of water-salt balance. So go for foods with a high content of fiber. It's bread with bran, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, spinach, beans, prunes. Drink daily such fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kvass, kumiss. Refrain from eating chocolate, white rice, coffee, strong tea. They inhibit peristalsis, as they have strong astringent properties.
For the normal intestinal motility drink during the day at least two to three liters of fluid
Constipation can occur due to non-compliance with the regime. For example, you have not had time to go to the toilet. Soon it is a habit, and your gut just does not understand that it is necessary to normalize their work. In this case, try every morning and afternoon to drink on an empty stomach a glass of water in small SIPS.
Do some exercises, especially strengthening the abdominal muscles.
You can receive help, turning to the doctor. You will prescribe prokinetics, can improve intestinal motility, or contact laxatives – candles or water-in-oil enema of small volume.
Use the recipes of traditional medicine. A teaspoon of flax seed brew in a Cup of boiling water and insist, wrapped a warm cloth, 4-5 hours. Drink not filtered infusion before bedtime.
A tablespoon of unground laxative fruit zhostera ions pour a glass of water and heat, bringing to a boil. For 2 hours insist in a warm place. Drink the infusion before bedtime.
Before you can cure constipation, it is necessary to establish its cause. If constipation is caused by organic lesions of the large intestine, first is the treatment of the underlying disease. In some patients with constipation is the cause of this condition is the systematic suppression of the urge to defecate.
Useful advice
What to do when constipated. If you are convinced that the symptoms match the disease, should determine how to cure him. It is important to choose the most efficient and safe solution to the problem. This will help to cure constipation. Eliminate from your diet of fresh white bread, pastries, sausage, cheese, cocoa, fish. These products contribute to constipation.

Advice 2 : How to treat constipation in bedridden patients

Constipation is called shortness slow or too rare – at least three times a week bowel movements. This violation often occurs in patients who are bedridden.
Care for bedridden patients
Causes of constipationin bedridden patients s diverse. The limitation reduces the tonus of the intestine. If the patient is taking medications, some of them can harm the intestinal flora.

Matters and psychological side: the bowel becomes bedridden patient for a complex procedure related to the participation of a stranger. This situation is unpleasant for the patient, and he tries to avoid her, forcing himself to endure until the last moment. This too leads to constipation.

Treatment of constipation in bedridden patient is to eliminate all possible causes.

Proper nutrition

Food should be easily digestible, but firm. The presence in the diet of hot food is mandatory.

If we are not talking about heart disease or kidney disease, the patient should drink as much as possible.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet of the patient products having fastening properties: eggs, rice, walnuts, blueberries, pomegranate juice, strong tea. The consumption of potatoes should be limited.

Normal gut function contribute Kashi cereal and vegetable salad with sunflower oil, and foods rich in fiber: buckwheat, cabbage, beets, brown bread, wheat bran.

Have a laxative effect apricots, prunes, dates, raisins, carrot juice.

If constipation is caused by intestinal microflora, its restoration will help yogurts and other dairy products.

Other methods

If the patient's condition allows, with constipation, you need to do exercises for the anterior abdominal wall. All exercises are performed in the supine position. Bending your knees, you need to pull them towards the stomach, fixing in this position for a few seconds and then slowly straighten. Further, it should be possible to inflate the stomach and hold in that position for a few seconds. Last activity – maximum retraction of the abdomen, with the subsequent delay of a few seconds. To do such exercises daily, even if there is no constipation – as a preventive measure.

If a change in diet and exercises do not help, you can apply a cleansing enema. Water for the enema should be purified by the filter, boiled, at room temperature. Add to enema oil and other substances without a doctor's prescription can not. It is unacceptable and self-use of laxatives.

Your enema can be a period of at least two weeks. This procedure is contraindicated in abdominal pain and elevated temperature.

Advice 3 : Folk remedies for the treatment of constipation

Our domestic proctologists believe that bowel movements should be daily. A deviation from the norm is constipation.
Constipation and their treatment

Garlic for constipation

Garlic will not only help with constipation but also in disorders of the bowel and stomach problems.

Tea from Valerian

Valerian is primarily a tool for peace. However, it is also used for chronic constipation.

Pour 1/4 litre of cold water two teaspoons of powdered Valerian root and keep around half a day (prepare in the morning to drink tea in the evening). Tea we do got enough for the next day. You should drink at least two cups of tea a day, otherwise there is no effect.

Tea demnity

Dymnitsa medical primarily has antispasmodic action. Constipation is often associated with intestinal disorders, so this plant may be useful. Teaspoon of herbs, pour 1/4 liter of water. Leave on for ten minutes and let stand. You can drink up to three cups a day.

Tea made from bark of buckthorn

A teaspoon of powdered bark pour 1/4 litre of cold water, put on the window, stir frequently. Then strain and drink as a summer tea. It has a mild laxative effect and perfect substitute for chemical drugs. If you collect bark for their own use, you have to remember that it can not be applied, at least until she will lie year.

Tea of calamus constipation

Air is used against constipation and diarrhea. It has a regulating effect on the body. Brew rhizome, leave on for fifteen minutes. Drink as a tea.

Muesli with linseeds for constipation, Take three tablespoons of ground Flaxseed or whole seed, soak overnight, then mix with the prunes, allow to stand for several hours. You can mix yogurt, one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon of sesame seeds.

If you experience bloating, drink fennel tea.

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