Think of a loved one naturally. Some of these thoughts are in the form of power which moves in love not only to overthrow the mountains, but also to prepare for important meetings, preparation of reports and other daily work. But most people are not able to take up the cause, if their thoughts are very different. Make yourself a list and start with the good points. You will not notice as you go to work. The benefits of this very big. You inspired so much now to perform much easier: feelings of fear, self-doubt lessen or disappear altogether. The result: you not only perform all the work in time, but will shorten the time desired to.
When there is no reciprocity, perhaps the best cure for unrequited love – the time. But you can help yourself be distracted from unwanted thoughts. First, try to forgive someone who will never be with you. Make it so that nothing reminds you of this man: throw away clothes or even gifts, photographs, scrapbook, toothbrush, etc. Ask loved ones to remind you of him (it) under any circumstances. Do not cling to your past left anchor: don't go to your favorite cafe, delete your tunes and movies, change the perfume that he (she) liked.
As in the first case, help for you in this difficult period of time will work. But don't forget that you now have plenty of time for personal life. Make a change in appearance or wardrobe, buy the house a new thing, even the junk, and make it a symbol of your new life. When gloomy thoughts will come again in your head, look at this piece and remember that the page is turned over.
Do not stop there. Now you just need positive emotions. Identify what brings you a little joy, and allow yourself this at least once a week. More engage in physical activity, find a new hobby and do not forget to communicate. If your thoughts are busy with something fresh that really interests you, the "old" thinking simply isn't space.