You will need
  • In some cases, professional help
First and foremost, you have to admit that you are dependent on someone that you just possessed them. If you're telling yourself – it's okay to depend on someone, you can't change anything in my life. Look at the behavior – one of the main characteristics of any addiction is that you do a certain action again and again, knowing that afterwards you will feel worse. Make a list of positive emotions you get from thoughts or actions of this person. Now make a list of negative. Which one is longer?
You call their dependence love? Believe that it is not. Love inspires and delights us, while addiction overwhelms and devastates. Love allows us to love the person with all his flaws, while the dependency makes you believe that you have met perfection. Love allows your relationship to grow and strengthen, while your addiction makes the person feel trapped, obligated and a feeling of rejection.
Try to understand what for you represents the man you are obsessed. Often we use other people as a substitute for something that they want from life. For example, if you think you are experiencing life changes you can get excited about someone to whom any changes are easy. If you are worried about your career, you can become dependent on a person successful, confident. Understand what this person is so attractive for you and you will be able to think about the fact that there are other ways to get what you want.
Release your emotions. Write a treatise about his addiction. Shall describe in detail all the feelings and emotions. Write with a pen or pencil on an ordinary sheet of paper. Once done, burn it. In this way, there is a bit of magic, but it strangely works. Imagine that along with a sheet to ash and becomes your problem.
Monitor your thoughts. You think it's impossible, but actually you just have not tried. Again as soon as you start thinking about that person, stop yourself. Tell yourself, like Scarlett O'hara "I'll think about it later" and immediately look for business, able to occupy your time and thoughts.