What love is

Love is a kind of dependence on man. It is born of deep psychological, physiological and spiritual levels, the mechanism of which is still not fully solved by man. At this point, all associated with the love object takes on a special meaning. Makes life memorable and paints in bright colors.

People don't want to leave. There is a sense of integrity, clarity, happiness — everything that the person may lack long years of life.

But there may come a moment in which the beloved or the beloved ceases to meet expectations. In this period the person can build up resentment and feelings. Love still runs, but there is a strong desire to love.

Emotional discharge

The man is extremely difficult to independently analyze their thoughts and actions. The head builds up a huge charge of energy that has to be repaid. The most secure method helping in this is writing practice. This technique will help to restore the integrity of thoughts and to analyze the flow of events.

Make it easy enough. For this you will need only a Notepad, pen, a little time and patience. In a quiet environment should describe your feelings on paper. Most succinctly, in the smallest details and details. Words on paper have to be honest that you should never censor your thoughts.

After all the emotions are described, it is necessary to answer them. An internal dialogue and describe why a certain emotion arises in consciousness. Everything in our life has reasons, and they need to identify. This process may take, but it must be done in one day. The amount written should not be less than several pages.

Next, you should postpone the Notepad and not return to it at least for a few hours or even a couple of days. After this period it is necessary to describe in detail the person who actually need. What he needs to be. The description should be succinct, not to miss any resulting in mind.

After both descriptions, they should compare, analyze and make appropriate conclusions. You need to understand that no one can change a person. It should be taken for what it is, or not accept at all. All the negative features that are present in the object of love, with time will develop and more annoying. The worst — all described in 9 of 10 cases happen in the future.

A few days spent with a Notepad, will open your eyes to the stupidity of idealized thoughts. It appears that these problems are not important in life, there are many more important things, people, emotions are worth spending your hand.

Two or three sitting to operate the notebook will make me stop loving a person and come back to life to the fullest.