The main condition of participation in the program is confirmation of the fact of needs of families in housing. Earlier members of the family stood in a queue on improvement of living conditions, they only confirm this fact relevant references. If not, then going to the package of documents for production in this line. Only after the recognition of the family "needs" it in the program.
The second important point - the age of the spouses. A young family is a family that has a child (children) and both spouses or one of them has not reached 35 years. Upon reaching the age of both spouses, they are automatically excluded from the program. If your family is young, you can apply the following list of documents to the local administration.
Statement on statement in the program in two copies (must complete both husband and wife).
Passports of all family members and birth certificates of children. And their copies.
Certificate of marriage or certificate of divorce (if the family is incomplete). And copies of these documents.
The documents confirming the fact that the family needs improvement of living conditions:
help BTI (indicates the existing property prior to 1995);
- extract from the unified state register (this includes information about ownership, registered since 1999);
- certificate of registration chamber on each family member, or information from the Committee for land resources;
Please note that the validity of references from BTI and the unified state register may be restricted (from 10 to 30 days). This limit is set by the organization issuing the certificate.
Documents proving financial solvency of the family. That is, the ability to pay for average housing costs not covered by subsidy. This includes income of spouses (2-NDFL) or statement from the account Bank on the availability of savings.
Extract from the house register in a place of registration and a copy of the financial account. If spouses or children are registered at different addresses, include a separate reference for each place of residence.
If the couple spelled out in different regions or municipalities, a document that previously they had not received a subsidy in another region (area).