Any child under the age of majority, you may be the owner of the apartment. You should only choose what method is best for your family: buy a flat and to execute the contract of purchase and sale of a child, to bequeath, to give, or to refuse their share of privatization in his favor? Consider all possible options.
Privacyservice municipal housing. Your child will automatically receive their share and become full owner of the apartment along with other members of this privatization process.
Purchase real estate and immediately make it full wholly-owned property to minors.
Give your child an apartment or other real estate. Thus in the documents of the child signs his representative according to the law guardian, parent, adoptive parent. The minor becomes absolute owner donated his home, and he can dispose of them after coming of age. For registration of the contract of donation to you, but the desire will need a certificate from the tax inspection of the established sample on the absence of debts on taxes, in connection with the donation.
Make a will in favor of the child. The Russian legislation envisages two types of inheritance: children directly inherit parental property or bequest. However, it is necessary to know that by law, if you have children and you have decided to donate their apartment to only one child, the others too can claim part of it. Making a will, make sure relatives or friends know of its existence. Otherwise, it simply will not be uncovered and fulfilled your last wish.
Each of these following methods will give the child the opportunity to become the owner of the property. And age here does not matter. It can be used to own property but to resell or give such a right, you will see him only on reaching the age of eighteen.
Please note that any transactions with the property prior to the maturity of the child must be made only with the permission of guardianship and guardianship. Selling or exchanging an apartment, you will not be able to infringe upon and violate his rights.