Requirements to the package of documents necessary for obtaining permissions often vary in different regions, and sometimes in different municipalities within a single region or even city. Therefore, we must begin with a clarification in his municipality the necessary components of a set of documents and requirements to each of them.
Most often, when applying for permission to the personal presence of both parents. But if one of them is located in another city or abroad, the problem can usually be solved with the help of its consent, certified by a notary or the Russian Consulate in the host country.
If one parent is dead, declared missing, or is deprived of parental rights, you will need to show proof of this fact.
In a situation where someone from parents repairing obstacles, can only try to convince him of the wrongness of the municipal workers, the best demonstration possible of the documentary evidence and bringing witnesses.
Municipality officials should ensure that the interests of the child will not suffer from the transaction. In other words, it will not reduce his property. The best proof will serve as a set of documents to sell and buy an apartment or a house, showing that the living conditions of minors at least no worse, and ideally better.
If this is not possible, the solution may be opening a child's Bank account and the obligation to register in the new housing to no less a part of the apartment (or the entire apartment in the joint property with his participation) is not less than that which the family plans to sell.
As a further proof of improving the quality of life of the child would be to acknowledge the best ecological situation at the new place of residence, infrastructure, climatic conditions, offers of better jobs for parents etc.
In the case of a positive decision of body of guardianship and guardianship can include it in the package of documents and to appoint the date of the transaction at the notary.