Try resetting your password through the service of the corresponding web site. But you have to know details about your account, namely email address and password. As well as have access to email, you specified during registration. In this case, the e-mail they'll send you an email with a different password. But if your profile was blocked by the administration of the resource, this method obviously will not help. Contact person of the administrator.
Locate the web portal contacts (email, phone, ICQ) , which can communicate with the operator support. Give him the following information: nickname, date of registration, your email. Explain the administration and the reason for blocking. If you don't know what happened, and the reason for the block is unknown, then the conversation consider it. If your account has been blocked due to violations of the rules of the site, the situation will be somewhat challenging. In the dialogue, be extremely courteous and correct. Do not abruptly speak up, reassure the administration that henceforth such not to repeat. Most often in such cases is to achieve unlock the account.
Unlock your profile as a result of unsuccessful attempts at entering the site. Many services block the account due to improper authorization. This is for the purpose of the security profile. Use the reset button, and password recovery. Write the code word or provide confirmation via SMS. In some case, you need to call the customer service, or write a letter.
It happens that the account is locked with virus. In many cases, there is a banner on the whole screen, which notifies about payment for a certain number of a certain amount. After paying the money, you will not get access to the account and maybe the Internet. Ignore such messages are of fraudsters. To remove the malicious item, you can use a free utility AVZ.