To unlock an account on Steam, you must first establish the cause of blocking. Most often the users closes the access to the service because of using cheat programs. Often lock in the Steam produced for resale account and attempts to crack it, and use accounts without the full permission of the owner by deception. Such ID can be closed without giving a valid reason.
The only way to unlock the account is to write to Steam support. Unlock account most likely, if it was stolen. Find the license key of the game that you used to activate, or use the scan key, if you bought the game in the online store. If the purchase application was carried out in Steam, prepare electronic checks.
Go to the official website of the service in the support section with a web browser. Click on the Steam icon and wait while it load the next page. Then click on the Contact Steam Support button on the right side of the browser window.
Enter the username or Email you used during the registration process. Also specify the password on the account and enter the code that appears on the resource page. If you were registered in the support ticket, click on Create Account and enter requested data.
Create a new query in support. Specify the circumstances under which she lost access. To the letter attach a photo CD with the activation key or the path to a file of receipts of purchases in the service. Then send the data entered using the corresponding button on the page.
Wait for a response from the helpdesk. If all necessary data is entered correctly and the circumstances of the loss of access to the account has been accepted you will receive a new data account. Use them to restore access by entering the received login and password in the Steam client.