Below the label "page is blocked" should indicate the reason for blocking. Investigate why. As a rule, it is that your account has been compromised. To confirm your identity, the first thing you need to do is enter the phone number to which was attached page. The first digit entered automatically, in case you don't remember what number was specified during registration. Enter the number and continue the recovery.

Within a few minutes, your phone should receive an SMS with the code. When you receive enter it in the designated field. If access to simcare, use the recovery form, which will open as soon as you click on "click here". In the empty field enter the link to your locked page and click "next". This opens the questionnaire to restore access you need to fill.

Specify the old and new phone number, the mailbox specified during registration and a box to which you have access. Enter the country and city registration. In the column "your comment" specify the date and the cause of the loss of access to his page. Below, click "choose file" and upload a scan or photo of any of your document, it is important to see your photo and full name.

The last step is "your picture on the background of this page. Take a picture of yourself or ask someone to take a photo of you, upload your photo and click "send application", please enter captcha. On the new page enter the code which will be SMS to your phone, send it. Go to mail, you should receive a letter notifying you that your order is accepted and within 24 hours will be reviewed by the administrator.

Application status you can see by clicking on the link in the email. Wait for a response from the site. If the photos uploaded by you are of good quality, you honestly and correctly identified the information you required, most of all, your page very quickly restore.