Advice 1: How to unblock Inbox

To unlock the mail box in several ways. It all depends on the cause of the blocking. Perhaps the box was blocked due to the fact that the user is long it is not used, and it is possible that due to spam or any other reasons.
Some email services block the box just because of the fact that the user for some time does not use it (e.g., several years). As a rule, in this case, log in to the mail box without too much difficulty. Ie will need to click "unblock", and then freely log in using your username and password.
If the mail box is locked due to the removal (usually the block lasts for several months, and then removed), then restore it difficult. You just need to click "unlock" and enter either the answer to the secret question, written at check boxa or mobile number is also specified during registration.
Sometimes the message about blocking the mail boxbut is a page – disguise. And the hacker. Usually it says that you need to unlock: send SMS to so-and-so" or something like that. To get rid of such errors is necessary as follows. First of all, find the hosts file, which is located at the Drive where the operating system is – Windows - System32 - Drivers – Etc. The hosts file need to remove and restart the computer, after which such lock message should disappear.
When not needed no SMS, and it is written directly that the mail box is locked, for example, for spamming. And not even offered any alternatives to unlock, then you need to scan your computer for viruses. And a good antivirus (e.g. Kaspersky Internet Security). You need to go to the link and click on "verify". Opposite to the notices, written in red, you will need to visit the links and make a request to have your ip removed from the spam database. After the operations, write to technical support of the postal service with a request to unlock your drawer. When you get access to mail – be sure to change the password.

Advice 2 : How to block a mail box

Services e-mail services provide its customers with a variety of opportunities. If you have any need for removal of the mail box mail.EN use the following instructions.
How to block a mail box
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - access to a lock box.
Click on the link and enter the username and password fields that appear in your email box.
Carefully read the information provided on the next page that opens. It will contain a warning about permanent data loss. Will be deleted all your emails, address book, folders, calendar, etc. within 5 days you have removed all the albums, your blog, your World, you will lose access to the service.
If you need to remove all the material faster than the program (within five days), follow the special links on this page. For quick removal of each individual service has its own link.
If you want to remove all the questions and answers in the "Answers" (and they are automatically saved), go also listed on your page a special link.
Specify in the special field of the reason you leave the portal. Make it brief and clear to justify it, not even in the long spatial reasoning. This can be, for example, your dissatisfaction with the quality of the services provided or the failover that you like more.
After you specify the reason of refusal from your mail box, enter the password again. After performing this procedure, the mailbox will be blocked and all emails from him will be deleted. The registered name will be free in three months.
If you are not ready for such a radical act, disable the mailbox on time. Open your home page, click on the desired domain name. Then click "Mail." Click on the email boxthat you want to pause for a while. In the "Tools", click "Inbox", uncheck the box: "Inbox", click "OK".
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