You will need
  • a computer preinstalled with Windows Seven Home Premium.
Press and hold the key combination Win+R. will sign where in the blank field you need to enter the command lusrmgr.msc, and then click the "OK" button. You will see another table entitled "Local users and groups". Locate and activate the left panel, then click the Users folder.
Now click the right mouse button on a line with the entry "Administrator" and then click "Properties". In the appeared properties window on the General tab, uncheck the checkbox next to "account is Disabled". If by some coincidence or system glitch unlock did not happen, proceed to the next step.
Start a command prompt. Press and hold the key combination Win+R. In the window that appears, type "cmd", that is, open a command prompt. The black box with a blinking cursor, type "net user administrator /active:yes".
Press "Enter". Close utility the command prompt and restart the computer. After startup, if everything went normally, unlocked administrator account will appear on the screen as an optional sign-in system, and it can be used like any other entry. Please note that disabling the administrator may also at any time. For this there is the command "net user administrator /active:no". If you need to assign a new password for this account, then you need to run the command "net user administrator password".