Find out the region and city the mobile phone number. Go to the web page, "Codes of mobile operators of Russia", which is located on the website SpravkaRU.Net. This is a telephone directory, which can be used to determine which region and the operator belongs to the specified room. To do this, enter three digit code and seven-digit phone number. On the website there are codes of cellular operators in the areas and regions of the country. In addition, there is information and some other countries.
Go to the website GSMИнформ. Here you can specify a city code in the cell phone number. Enter the full number in international format in the search box. Click on the "Enter" key, and you provide the required information, that is, place of registration and the operator.
Take advantage of the online resource However this service provides only paid services. But you will really help you in finding the interested information in the cell phone number. Can check first your mobile phone on the plausibility of issued information from the employee. Perhaps you will get not only the name of the city, but the name and exact address.